Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Artist Statement

As of late I have been trying to be honest with who I am as an artist. I do not think there is any where else for one to go with their art as most avenues seem to (I think?) have been tapped and exhausted by the artists of the past. Do I see art as one's way to establish some unique perspective of the world to convey a message or make some pointless comment about society? No.

I think America has such a media driven superficiality about it that most people are fooled by the reality it portrays and are unable to see the layers of which it harbors. The world is not a genuine place. It's an ideal. It's lost from us.

I have been trying to re formulate my artist statement for my website and the most current version (12/27/009 1:32pm EST) simply states that, "originality is a myth." I have never seen anyone, past or present, do anything original every art work/movement was stolen from somewhere. And if the same work can be degraded and praised all at the same time what the hell does any of it matter?

I hate artist statements and I think they are one of the worst aspects of being an artist. Is it not enough that you've created a work? I have to now create/write something to go along with it? The original thing is not enough?

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